UK Move Direct Real Estate (Coventry University)

 Client          UK Move Direct (Coventry University)
Date            September 2013
 Skills          PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS


This was the final project of my post graduation. The project was developed for an real estate agency. It contains one portal for Landlord and one seperate portal for Tenants. Both can register/login, post ad on the website, and can communitate with each other. The system also contains the functionality so tenants can see room details of the property and can pay deposit through PayPal if they like to reserve/book the room. Website design was programmed in HTML5 and CSS3 so website is purely Responsive. JQuery and AJAX is also used to make website functionlity more beautiful. Google map API was used to plot property on the map when added to the system. The system also contains Administration panel which contains the functionality to manage whole website content, Ads, and communications. The project was programmed on iterative approach so this website is not fully complete yet.